Ergonomic Design Technology

High Performance. Low Weight.

Vigeo* is designed to comfortably fit 97.5% of children between the ages of 6 and 18. The ergonomic frame design was made using optical and anthropometric data (specific eye and face measurements) gathered from over 500,000 eyewear prescriptions for children in elementary and junior high schools.
Low Weight High PerformanceLow Weight High Performance

Our challenge was to engineer a frame that would stay on the child’s face, even when playing or running, and would be light and comfortable for all-day wear.

Vigeo* is constructed using an attractive and innovative engineering plastic from Switzerland, currently the lightest plastic available. The material produces very lightweight frames with extreme flexibility and solid construction that deliver unequalled performance.

Augen Single Vision Lenses in Trivex® contribute to overall comfort with their significantly lighter weight.

Grip Temples & Nosepads

Grip Temples & Nosepads

Grip temples and nosepads provide security with a soft touch when in contact with skin, yet
resist perspiration, heat, water, oil and chemicals.
Customizable Fashion

Customizable Fashion

The durable split-construction Vigeo* frames are fully customizable with top and bottom colors that can
be mixed and matched to fit all children’s personal choices. The fashionable quality of the frames helps
children overcome the perception that wearing glasses is a stigma.
Manufactured with FDA and EU Approved Materials

Manufactured with FDA and EU Approved Materials

Materials used to construct Vigeo* frames have been approved by both the Federal Drug Administration
and the European Union for prolonged contact with food and/or skin, ensuring peace of mind for every